FAME is a group exercise program developed for people with stroke who have some standing and walking ability.  We showed that this program improved mobility, cardiovascular fitness, arm and hand function. A physical therapist or occupational therapist instructed the patient in the program, but the patient did the program independently. It is important to note that better outcomes are achieved if the patient has family, friends or a caregiver who can assist with the program.

The FAME (Fitness and Mobility Exercise) Program was developed in Vancouver, Canada by Dr. Janice Eng PhD PT/OT with invaluable assistance from Andrew Dawson MD FRCP, Daniel Marigold PhD, and Marco Pang PhD PT with funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon.

The FAME manuals have been prepared based on current scientific evidence. As health and medical knowledge is constantly changing, it is the responsibility of the practitioner or exercise instructor, relying on experience and knowledge of the client, to determine the appropriate treatment for each individual.

** Latest News **
FAME Manuals (English / French / Russian / German) versions are available now, more languages coming soon. Stay tuned!

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