Delivering FAME



Depending on the size of the class, multiple instructors may be required.

In general, one instructor for every three to five participants is required, depending on the level of function of the group.

We recommend that one instructor who has supervisory experience, as well as experience with individuals with stroke be designated as the lead to coordinate the other instructors and staff.

Instructors should have relevant certification in exercise prescription, such as a physical therapy degree, personal trainer certification or fitness instructor designation.

Instructor Duties

  • Understand issues specific to stroke
  • Have experience with exercise prescription for older adults with chronic disease
  • Be able to determine if a participant is eligible for the program or to refer for physician advice
  • Be able to progress exercises safely to challenge the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems while avoiding falls, excessive muscle soreness or fatigue and risk of cardiovascular events.


Clinical Advisor

Having a clinical advisor experienced in stroke (e.g., physical therapist, physician, occupational therapist) involved with the FAME program is ideal.

The clinical advisor may serve as a consultant and answer questions from the instructors regarding stroke presentation or management. 

The clinical advisor will also be instrumental in teaching the FAME program to instructors, as well as monitoring the quality of the program.

Supporting Staff & Volunteers

University students who are interested in pursuing a career in health sciences (e.g., nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy) are ideal volunteers, as these programs often require volunteer hours as part of the admission process.

Their role includes demonstrating exercises, supporting and assisting the instructors, ensuring participants are performing the exercises correctly, and providing encouragement.

Supporting staff should arrive at the facility 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of class to set up the equipment.

Equipment should also be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes prior to and after the exercise class.