FAME Videos

Warm Up Exercises
Slow Marching Knee Circles Ankle Rotations
Butt Kicks


Functional Strengthening Exercises
Toe Raises Chair Push-Ups Sit to Stand
Wall Push-Ups Wall Sits


Balance Exercises
Slow Weight Shift- Side 1 Slow Weight Shift – Side 2 Slow Weight Shift – Front & Back
Forward Reach One Leg Stands Heel Toe Standing
Heel Toe Walking


Agility & Fitness Exercises
Quick Weight Shift Forward Stepping Fast Marching
Fast & Low Steps


Seated Exercises
Slow Marching with High Knees Knee Extensions Quick Foot Taps
Scooting Back & Forth Heel Toe Taps


Cool-Down Stretches
Trunk Stretches
Trunk & Head Rotation
Calf Muscle Stretch
Thigh Stretch
Buttock Stretch
Hamstring Stretch