The Fitness and Mobility Exercise (FAME) Program is a group exercise program initially developed for people living with stroke who have some standing and walking ability. The program was developed to fulfill the urgent need for a safe and effective exercise program to enhance mobility and fitness of people living with stroke who are generally older, less fit, have mobility problems and are prone to falls.

FAME is a group exercise program that can be easily implemented into the community or hospital settings, as it does not require costly one-on-one training, specialized settings or expensive equipment. The challenge is to achieve a level of exercise intensity, which will result in positive effects, yet ensure safety to avoid an exercise-related fall or cardiovascular event.

Based on clinical trials, the FAME Program has been found to improve motor function (muscle strength, balance, walking), cardiovascular fitness, and bone density of people living with stroke. The FAME Program may also help to reduce the risk of secondary complications such as falls, fractures, heart disease and dementia, which are common after a stroke. For more information, please refer to the section on Research Evidence.


Increase the amount of physical activity of people living with stroke.

Provide a motivating and socially stimulating program to enhance exercise adherence.

Address multiple impairments arising from stroke.

Minimize risk of secondary complications (e.g. falls, fractures, heart disease and dementia).

Provide an evidence-based, group exercise program for people living with stroke.

Serve as a complement to healthy living.

Improve fitness and mobility after stroke.